Make Money Online With Your Blog: 9 Tips [Beginners Guide]



Are you wondering how you can also make money online with your blog? If you just googled, you can find that there are lots of bloggers who actually made money with their blog. Most of them were “ordinary” people, who often accidentally started making money with their blog.

I also started a blog myself and I also made some money. But I soon noticed that it was not so easy to earn an income from a blog except when you executed it properly .

Now, I view a blog completely differently. A blog is not "just a blog", a blog is really a "business", and that's how you should approach it.

I write this article not only from the point of view of “pure bloggers”, but also for the self-employed and companies that regularly publish blog articles on their blog.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

There are several ways to monetize a blog . In this article I show you 9 ways to make money with a blog. It is up to you to find out which way suits you best and what works for you.

I hope that after reading this article you will realize that you can also use a blog to promote your company, products or services.

 In this way, a blog does not provide a “direct” income, such as through advertisements, but an indirect and passive income. Your blog will then provide new visitors who will eventually become customers.

How Much Money Can You Make with Your Blog?

How much money you can earn with a blog depends on many factors. If your blog is a reference in your profession, then you can certainly earn a nice amount of money thanks to your blog.

If your blog is more personal and there are some advertisements here and there, you will be happy with a few dollars per month.

A common mistake is to start blogging about a little bit of everything

The chance that you will earn money based on such a blog is really very small. If, on the other hand, you define your topic and become the reference or authority on that topic, the chances are much more real that you will make money through your blog in the long run (but still the road is long!).

As a freelance writer, I myself have a number of customers who have grown their business through a blog. They do not see themselves as bloggers, but thanks to their blog they attract enough new customers.

How Can You Make Money Online with Your Blog?

In this article I will discuss the following 9 ways to make money online with your blog:

  1. Google AdSense

  2. Affiliate marketing

  3. Publish sponsored articles

  4. Develop an online course

  5. Write articles for other websites

  6. Promote the products/services you sell

  7. Organize a workshop

  8. Coach your followers

  9. Earn Money Online with Vlogging

  1. Google Adsense

Advertisements are the easiest way to make money online with your blog , but the chance that you will get rich from this is almost nil. Google AdSense is easy to implement on your blog, making it a popular option.

Unless you really have a lot of visitors, I don't recommend this. Finally, ads often have a negative impact on the user experience. If you only earn a few dollars/ month from advertisements, this is really not worth it.

However, if you have a blog that attracts thousands of visitors every month, then it becomes a different story. In that case, it may be interesting to get started with Google AdSense. Again, it will not make you rich, but it can provide an extra source of income.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing you promote a product or service on your blog. When your visitor goes through your blog to the website that sells the service or product, and actually makes a purchase, you receive a commission .

How much the commission is in affiliate marketing depends on several factors. That may be a small percentage, but a commission of $100 (or even more) is certainly no exception!

How do you approach this concretely? The best way is to write/create valuable content. For example tutorials or reviews. Or maybe you are (a starting) influencer and you have a nice number of followers on Instagram…

Do you have a blog and would you like to get an idea of ​​the possibilities? Then be sure to take a look at TradeTracker. TradeTracker is one of the better Affiliate marketing providers. 

 You can register for free and you will notice that they have interesting affiliate programs in every category.

Whether you have a travel blog or a fashion blog (or something else), you'll likely find an affiliate program that's right for you.

The affiliate programs that you will find at TradeTracker are not obscure websites, but well-known & international brands.

  1. Publish Sponsored Articles

Along with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, sponsored articles are by far the easiest way to monetize your blog.

As your blog becomes more popular, you will also receive requests for sponsored articles. If you have a small blog, you will receive questions from companies that would like a link to their website, often in addition to an article you have written.

If your blog reaches a certain popularity, companies will also be willing to pay for a link to their website. The correct amount depends on many factors, but the more specific the topic you blog about and the more readers you have, the higher the amount will be.

You can also join a content marketing platform such as WhitePress . WhitePress connects content creators and businesses looking for blogs to promote their products and services. So if you have a blog you can subscribe to WhitePress and you will be contacted by companies to post paid posts on your blog.

  1. Develop an Online Course

Successful bloggers often develop an online course as well. This can be about the topic they are blogging about, but sometimes also about blogging or about online marketing, about how they went about business and became successful.

Such an online course can take various forms. This way you can also give access to a protected part of your website, where more in-depth or more elaborate content is offered. Nowadays, such a thing is often combined with video. Thanks to video you can approach a 1-on-1 experience.

The advantage of such an online course is that it is easily scalable; you make that 1x and then you can, in principle, resell it unlimited times. But make no mistake, creating an online course, especially if you work with video, takes a lot of work.

 If you use WordPress, you can expand your blog relatively easily with such an e-learning platform. There are various plugins for this.

What are Good Online Learning Systems to Start With?

  1. Teachable

Teachable is an internationally widely used online learning platform with many options. But Teachable is more than that. In addition to being an online learning platform, it is also a marketing platform that aims to help you sell more courses.

You don't have to install anything, Teachable is a separate online system. You register and you can start your course.

  1. Learndash

Unlike the above solutions, Learndash is not a separate system but a plugin (extension) for a WordPress website or blog. The big advantage is that it is a lot cheaper and that you can integrate it much nicer into your website. Depending on your wishes, you can fully tailor your online learning environment to your wishes with Learndash.

  1. Write Articles for Other Websites

Write Free Articles = Guest Blogging

With guest blogging you are going to write an article for another blog, usually an authority on a particular topic. It is not the intention that you earn money directly with this. 

Rather, the goal is to attract a new audience, readers who click through to your blog by reading your article. As a blogger (or as a company) this is important, because you depend on the number of readers you have monthly.

Paid Assignments

Your writing style and expertise may catch the eye of other companies. Or maybe you've built a certain name or authority around a certain topic, which makes companies pay you to write for them.

There are no fixed amounts for this, everything depends on your expertise and your reputation. The amounts for this may be relatively low in the beginning, but as you build up expertise and experience, you can ask for higher amounts.

  1. Promote the Products/Services you sell

If your blog is part of your company website, you can also use your blog to promote your products and services. Do not think of ordinary advertising, but of informative or inspiring blog articles.

Inspire your visitors. Some companies use their blog to inspire potential customers. They don't advertise their products directly, but post a lot of how-to's and decorating tips on their blog.

Of course, each time with a reference to which products they used. Because they offer informative, interesting, blog articles that are a real added value, their blog articles invariably appear at the top of Google .

Another common technique is that you publish blog articles and give away a little bit of valuable information in them. If your readers want tailor-made advice, they should contact you. For example, an accountant who publishes an article with general tax tips for entrepreneurs, where you can contact us for tailor-made advice.

  1. Organize a Workshop

Another option to monetize your blog online is organizing workshops.

Suppose you have a popular photography blog, it might be interesting to offer workshops to your readers. Your readers already follow you because they find your blog articles interesting. 

Rest assured that some are also willing to pay money for an interesting workshop. An advantage is that they already know you, you already have a (trust) bond with them, so you no longer have to convince them of your knowledge and skills.

Preparing a workshop does take some time, but the advantage is that you can give the same workshop a number of times. An additional advantage is that different people can register for the same workshop.

  1. Coach Your Followers

This way of making money online with your blog is similar to the above, but with the difference that you will coach your followers individually

 Especially if you have a certain authority in your domain, your readers will be open to it and sometimes even ask. Individual coaching of someone does of course take some time, but the amounts that are asked for this are usually a lot higher.

  1. This is How You Can Earn Money Online with Vlogging

With vlogging, you do not write blogs, but you make “ video blogs ” and preferably place them on YouTube. Because YouTube shows advertisements with videos, it is possible that you earn money by publishing videos / vlogs. Here, the more your video is viewed, the more you can earn from it. But don't have any illusions yet, with a few hundred views per month you will not earn anything.

The most popular vloggers are currently very focused on entertainment . As a company it is very difficult to get enough views to even earn anything from it. However, there are also possibilities here!

You can start your own YouTube channel and post tutorials or “how to” videos on it, because those kinds of videos are very popular on YouTube. Not that you will earn anything from advertising revenue, but that way you can attract new visitors to your blog or website.

You can also place YouTube videos on your website very easily.

In some cases this will lead to higher rankings in Google ! Video is also an ideal means to create more trust with your visitors; so they see or hear you really busy.

As a Blogger You Get Some Things for Free…

Above I have described a lot of ways to monetize your blog, but as a blogger (or influencer) you often also get products for free. This can range from smaller things (software, perfume) to even trips. This again depends on several factors.

The condition is that you promote it or write a review about it.

As a novice blogger, this will often be your first form of “income”. You may not immediately earn money with it, but it is an indication that you are on the right track and that you should continue with what you are doing!

Can You Make Money Online with a Free Blog?

As a starting blogger, the first (logical) step is often a free blog. And that's perfect to start with and could even earn you money if your blog becomes popular.

But it is much more interesting to move to a platform with your own domain name quite quickly. The reason is simple; your own domain name is yours and you manage it yourself. 

If you blog on a free platform, and that platform stops, you will lose your entire blog in one fell swoop. This cannot happen with your own domain name. And it just comes across as much more professional.

Should You Have Your Own Business?

You can start a blog without owning your own business. As long as you don't earn money from it, you don't have to be self-employed.

Conversely, if you have a business and you have a company website, a blog is a perfect extension. Publishing blog articles regularly has many advantages:

  1. Blogging is good for SEO, so your website will rank higher in Google!
  2. you can attract new potential customers by blogging about topics related to your products/services
  3. you can also use your blog as an information or inspiration channel
  4. especially for small companies, a blog can be interesting to instill confidence in your visitors

7 Extra Tips For a Better Blog

  1. Make your blog personal.

  2. Stick to 1 topic and make sure you become the reference in it.

  3. It does take a while before you start seeing results from your blog, which is why many bloggers give up at an early stage. Count on at least 6 months…

  4. Be sure to bet in different ways to earn money in the beginning. As you become more popular, you will find what works best for you.

  5. Content is king, publish content that your target audience actually wants to read

  6. Don't be a copycat of another blog, it's important that you are unique and the reference in your domain

  7. Don't blog for the money in the first place! If that's your main goal in the beginning, you'll never last.


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