10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector In 2022

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

The methods of correcting English sentences today have changed a lot from what they were. 

Recently, tons of sites are working on artificial intelligence software and algorithms to complete such English Grammar and Pronunciation Correction tasks to their best and give the user a positive and certain result.

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector Sites

Of course, there are a large number of websites to correct phrases and texts in the English language, proofread and reformulate them in an understandable and correct manner. 

We will now mention to you the 10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector Sites that have gained the trust of a large segment of users and customers for their wonderful free services and paid at very nominal prices, compared to the quality and craftsmanship that you will get.

1. Grammarly: For Correcting English Sentences for Free (Recommended)

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

Grammarly relies on revising all forms of grammar and proofreading.  By entering a text in the English language, the automated checker corrects the text grammatically and checks the words and terms and see if they are in their correct place or status and other rules and vocabulary.

To use this site, you must register an account so that you can benefit from all its services.  It contains two versions-free and paid. 

The free version enables you to check grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

The second version, the premium version, requires payment in order to correct the text better such as readability of text and phonetics.

Grammarly Features and How to Use It

  1. You can paste any text and the site checks the grammar and then identifies the wrong words and gives a suggestion of the best suitable words to use correctly within the text.
  2. After the correction, the user can download the text in the format of his/her choice, where the available formats are (.txt, .docx, .rtf, .odt).
  3. It also contains another great feature for using the service, through an extension in the browser that it provides on the Chrome Web Store or Store. After you install the extension, you can browse on any site and use this extension by selecting a specific text from a site and correcting it grammatically as mentioned previously.
  4. Plagiarism detection
  5. It is not available on mobile devices, so its use is limited to desktop and laptop computers only. 

Grammarly Website Link

2. QuillBot English Sentence Correction Site

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

QuillBot has helped many students, researchers, journalists, lawyers and authors with its paraphrase tool, rewrite and improve any sentence, paragraph or article using the latest artificial intelligence techniques. 

It is one of the best sites for correcting errors in English sentences as well as paraphrasing texts.

QuillBot is considered a distinguished application version of the developed and updated grammar correction service. Certainly it is considered a strong competitor to many sites  and provides an understandable and easy-to-read translation and not a literal copy translation, and it contains a free version and a paid version.

QuillBot Features

  1. It conveys the meaning succinctly and clearly.
  2. It also offers a browser extension.
  3. Free, easy to use and secure application.
  4. It helps you to keep your text short.
  5. Put the punctuation marks in their correct place. 
  6. You can enter up to 700 characters in the free plan.
  7. Trusted by millions of users around the world.
  8. It helps you add more detail and depth to extend the length of the sentence.
  9. QuillBot supports spell checking and suggests better improvements to the text to be revised. 
  10. It also includes very useful tools and many other amazing features and features that we invite you to discover more broadly.

Visit QuillBot  Website

3. Trinka: for Grammar and Writing 

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

If you are looking for a proofreader that corrects sentences and finds errors in English sentences, we will recommend TRINKA. I personally prefer it, due to its very large capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence.

It is an online leader in five academic fields that will make you completely dependent on it for text revision. Its tools will inevitably replace any other means, and it is one of the best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector sites in this field.

Trinka enables you to find errors in the text that are difficult for you to find manually, so we can say that it is a professional site for correcting phrases and texts in the English language that is worth a try.

Features of TRINKA  

  1. Designed for academic and technical writing.
  2. It is very popular and trusted 
  3. Suggests you make corrections related to your topic.
  4. It offers paid subscription plans at very competitive prices.
  5. You will get a paid trial for free as soon as you sign up.
  6. It improves the wording and style of the phrase in terms of style and expression.   
  7. Improves writing outside the rules and spelling with a formal accent while choosing the best words.
  8. Correcting English words and texts in many diverse topics, and is not specific to a specific style only.  
  9. It provides the user with tips to help him craft an advanced search that is free from spelling and grammatical errors, and instructions for how to build sentences.
  10. Understands long texts comprising 3000 words of grammar, such as: differences between subject, pronoun and prefix, syntax and word choice.

How to Register on TRINKA  

The way to register on the site is very simple and easy, all you have to do is login to TRINKA ,  then click on the “Register for Free” icon, then register now. 

A new window will appear for you to create a new account, fill in your personal information (first name, nickname, email, password), then your account will be ready to refine your search with the highest standards of accuracy.

Trinka Website Link

4. Ginger: a Website to Edit English Sentences

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector
Ginger is also one of Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector sites. This Grammar checker has won the admiration of thousands of people on a large scale around the world. 

The site helps you correct words and sentences, whether long or short, and is known as one of the first sites that worked in the field of proofreading. 

It is used in Lots of areas such as: teaching English step by step and correcting phrases elaborately.

Ginger Features

  1. Trusted by more than 8 million users around the world.
  2. The site is free and is able to adjust the English texts quickly and accurately with just one click.
  3. It works on all devices and operating systems, with a very clean and easy user interface.
  4. It also provides its own extension for Chrome browser.
  5. It helps to paraphrase text with AI that suggests inspiring alternatives to deliver your intended message.
  6. It offers paid subscription plans that enable you to get more features starting at $13.99 per month with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Comparison Table Between the Free plan and the Paid Plan


Free Plan

Paid Plan

grammar checker

Limited corrections

Unlimited AI-powered corrections












Translate into more than 40 languages

How to Register on Ginger

To take advantage of the site, you must register in an easy and simple way through the registration link to create a new account. You can register with your Facebook account or your Google account, or you can also register in a classic way by entering your email and password.

Ginger Website Link

5. Reverso Speller: for Correcting Errors in English Sentences

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

If you are one of those people who have limited ability to form English sentences and are looking for an assistant in this matter, you can try the site. The Reverso Speller perfectly corrects sentences with high accuracy with respect to grammar, prepositions and pattern, and is extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is log in to the site, then put the text to be revised, and this site will highlight errors and synonyms that you must replace with the suggested words.

Reverso speller Features 

  1. Proofreading of long and dense texts in terms of synonyms and phrases.
  2. It explains to the user the location of the error in the sentence, the reason and the best solution in order to notice your mistakes and avoid them in the future.  
  3. It contains a special window for irregular verbs, and any verb can be written, and then the result will appear to you in detail, such as the verb in the source, the noun and the past participle of it, in addition to a brief explanation of the verb and its suffixes, it also puts the punctuation marks in its correct location, and this word can be converted to Any language, the same detailed results will appear, but in the chosen language.
  4. Also corrects French sentences.  
  5. It also offers its own app on the Google Play Store.

Reverso Speller Website

6. Language Tool

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

The Language Tool site is also one of the most used sites for correcting phrases and free English research. 

It relies on many advantages, the most important of which is ease of participation and use, and its absorption of a large number of words. It also works to discover errors and replace them with a proposal that improves the formulation of your research in an accurate and organized manner.

Language Tool Website Features

  1. Supports night mode feature.
  2. It can be used without the need to create an account.
  3. It respects user privacy and scripts are kept securely.
  4. The site contains a self-glossary to facilitate the checking process for the user.
  5. It gives you many options to revise the English sentence and more than one style.
  6. It shows you with an indicator how much quality is in the texts and texts that you create.
  7. Detects errors in search or text, highlights them and works to improve it for the better.

To get more features, you must create a user account.

Language Tool website link

7. Scribens: For Correcting English Sentences for Free

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

Many users may not have enough budget to subscribe to such services or hire a proofreader, so if you are looking for a solution, here is one of the best English text proofreading sites, you can try the “Scribens.” 

Scribens is one of the Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector sites out there and offers you free powers to fix your texts completely, make the necessary adjustments, fill in all the errors and highlight them.

Scribes Features  

  • Free Powerful proofreader for English phrases.

  • The scribes site highlights the sentences and phrases that are repeated in the text.

  • Corrects scribens over 250 types of errors, including prepositions, verbs, synonyms, and punctuation.

  • It is also characterized by complete security and confidentiality to save your texts and an effective firewall, and it does not store texts on the site at all.

  • In addition to its superiority over Microsoft Word in checking texts and identifying errors by 10 times and improving the quality of writing.

Scribes Website link


10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

NounPlus is one of my favorite sites for many users. It helps you correct errors in English sentences online and with high professionalism and get a sound and clear search free of spelling and grammatical errors. 

NOUNPLUS has many advantages that motivate you to rely on it, the most prominent of which are:


  1. Accurately corrects grammatical errors and provides valid alternatives to false statements.
  2. Checking and checking the rules of the text and putting the punctuation marks in their correct place.
  3. NoNPLUS works perfectly on all electronic devices.  
  4. The site is safe and reliable and does not store or share texts with any third party.
  5. The site offers its services completely free of charge to help many students, children and adults.



10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

In fact, ZOHO is for creating electronic mail accounts and it is one of its basic services. But, it recently launched a new grammar platform which is simple and easy to use.

And because it is one of the Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector services online, many translators, writers and owners of scientific texts are fully aware of the features of this site. It helps in revising all English sentences and words, you can use them smoothly through your computer browser or from any Android mobile device.

ZOHO Features  

  1. The site corrects all errors in the text professionally supported by artificial intelligence to get a text that meets all the rules and avoids spelling and grammatical errors.  
  2. It clearly presents suggestions that improve your search.
  3. Also corrects all errors related to verb tenses, subject, prepositions, and punctuation.  
  4. It highlights recurrent sentences and vocabulary in the text and suggests synonyms that improve the quality of the text.  
  5. It shortens long sentences into shorter sentences and communicates your message smoothly to the recipient.

ZOHO website link  

10. GrammarCheck: Free Website to Correct Sentences Online

10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector

GrammarCheck is characterized by a lot of techniques and tools that helped it to rise to advanced positions in order to be the best online English sentence correction site. 

Therefore its advantages made it more superior and made it a strong competitor to many other tools in this field. 

GrammarCheck Features

  1. Safe to use, does not require any software or applications to be installed, and does not keep a copy of the search on the site's servers. 
  2. Fast in typing texts, you just have to copy the text and put it in the designated box, then click on Correction and just moments to show you all the mistakes and broken sentences. 
  3. It is easy to use, saves you time and effort, and teaches you the correct spelling of the word.

GrammarCheck website link


We hope you found this guide on 10 Best Free Online English Grammar Checker and Corrector Sites. There are a large number of free and paid grammar checker websites and apps available on the net. 

Although almost every one of these platforms gives you the freedom to do a free grammar check, perfect sentence checking and grammar correction is not always free, like using text in social media is not the same as the text that is used in the blog.

Sometimes a blog may be a bit lenient in terms of grammar compared to a novel, and a legal document may have higher grammatical rules than a blog or even a novel.

Finally, it depends on the type of text you want to check, and different types may require higher or lower levels of grammar and punctuation, depending on the different texts. Among them, we have provided you with the 10 best English sentence correction sites.

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