What is Affiliate Marketing? - and How to Get Started

What is Affiliate Marketing? - and How to Get Started

It would be enticing to make money without lifting a finger; especially if you can do it at home from the couch  - or from a deck chair in. You can do that with affiliate marketing that can generate passive income for you.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of outsourcing of marketing through links. As an influencer or website owner, you can make money by linking to products or services at various webstores.

Of course, making a lot of money on affiliate marketing is not just a piece of cake. In that case, everyone would do it. While you can ultimately make good money on passive income, it requires a solid and dedicated job to begin with.

In the guide here, I will explain what affiliate marketing is more precisely - and how you yourself can start making money without working.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing may have exploded in recent years, but it's not a new invention. In fact, the principle has existed longer than online sales themselves. In physical form, it can be compared to commission sales.

If you contribute to a sale for another company, you get a piece of the pie. Affiliate marketing is commission sales in online form. Here you link to a web store or a definite product, and if the customer buys something from the webstore via your link, you get a percentage of the sale or a fixed commission, depending on the agreement.

Affiliate marketing is thus helping another company to market itself. It can be through definite recommendations, guides, tests or articles. The important thing is that what you write makes the reader want to click on the link. The text must therefore be both interesting and relevant.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are different ways to have affiliate marketing collaborations. Some webstores are subscribed to various affiliate marketing programs, all of which are free to sign up for.

Other webshops require some form of assurance that you are marketing their product properly and that customers trust you.

For example, you may need to have x number of visitors per month to your website to be considered.

One of the most common tools is ClickBank. It is an affiliate program you can sign up for. Here you can find all the relevant partners and links that you are free to use - and make money on.

In such a case, you have no real contact with the providers of the products. It all goes through ClickBank (or similar program). However, it is also this form of affiliate marketing that typically provides the lowest earnings per sales.

In other cases, you can have a definite collaboration with the provider of a product. Here, the commission will typically be significantly higher, but the company may also make certain demands on you.

Most people who start with affiliate marketing will start out by participating in affiliate marketing programs, and when there is - hopefully - a steady stream of visitors to your website, it can be expanded with more beneficial affiliate agreements.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Most people make use of an affiliate program to get started with affiliate marketing. Here you can typically sign up for free, and in the vast majority of cases there are few or no requirements for your website, your number of visitors or the content on your page.

This means that you as a completely green affiliate marketing user can sign up for an affiliate program for free and at your very own pace get started with affiliate marketing.

The affiliate program has a number of collaboration agreements with companies that would like to make use of affiliate marketing. Typically, companies are divided into categories for convenience.

That way, you can easily find companies that have relevant products for your website. However, affiliate links can also be used on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social and digital media.

How do I Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

One of the great benefits of affiliate marketing is that it is easy to get started with. All you have to do is have a blog, a Facebook page, a Youtube channel, an Instagram account or similar - and preferably several of the parts at once. Most people who start out with affiliate marketing do so through a blog. Either a personal blog or a more article-based blog.

Once you have your blog in place, you can start using affiliate marketing. You simply write texts on a topic that interests you, and then you will find affiliate links that fit.

You can do this in the overview on the affiliate network. Do you want to write about fashion, you can with just a few clicks find all the participating affiliate partners who have relevant products in fashion.

Be sure to incorporate the hyperlink into the text in a natural way. It gives credibility and increases the chance that someone clicks on the link.

How to Use Affiliate Links

To get paid for your referrals or sales, it is crucial that you use the affiliate link. It can be copied / pasted from the affiliate program. This is the link to be inserted as the hyperlink on the selected text.

The individual affiliate link will show the program that it is you who has converted a sale, and that it is thus you who must be paid for it.

Be aware of whether the individual company may have conditions for the use of their affiliate links. For example, some companies will not advertise on gaming or porn sites or through campaigns like Google Ads.

Different Ways to Use affiliate Marketing

The use of affiliate marketing is more widespread than most people think. There are a lot of bloggers who make use of it, but also much bigger players in the market such as.

Some of the things you can use affiliate marketing for are:

  • Reference to relevant products in blog posts or articles
  • Comparison of different providers or services
  • Reference to the purchase of relevant products in connection with a service or training

What you should choose depends on both your technical skills and your interests. Most will choose to refer to relevant products within a niche they know something about. It's the easiest to get started with, and if you're writing about interest-based areas, you do not have to constantly invent the deep dish.

The smart thing about affiliate marketing is precisely that you can tailor it to your interests and areas of knowledge.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Both for you who make money on affiliate marketing and for the company that makes use of affiliate marketing, there are clear benefits. The biggest advantage is that there is virtually nothing to lose.

It is free to become a member of a site such as ClickBank. In some cases, you even get a bonus for signing up. From there, you can start making money - completely free of charge for the affiliate program.

For companies, it typically costs a small amount to be a member of an affiliate network, but in addition, companies typically only pay commission on a completed sale.

That is, they do not pay for marketing that never reaches the customer or never results in a sale. Here, in fact, only paid for successful marketing. That's why affiliate marketing has become so popular.

What Should I Write About?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it's a good idea to find a niche - unless you have oceans of time to write articles or blog posts on many different topics.

The easiest way is to choose a limited topic area. If you want to work with SEO to give your website a better ranking on Google, you can also consider from the start where there is realistically room for you in the market.

For many, beauty or fashion lies right to the right leg; perhaps because of a personal interest. However, there are a lot of offers, and that makes it difficult to get a new blog beyond the steppes - not least on Google, where the battle for the coveted keywords is intense.

If you have a knowledge of or an interest in a slightly lesser-known area, it is typically somewhat easier to get a good position and thus to be discovered by readers - and being discovered is the key to making money in affiliate marketing.

How do I Increase Traffic to My Website?

The most important thing for an affiliate marketing website is traffic! Without traffic, you have no readers, and thus no one who can potentially click on your links and make money for you.

There are really many things you can do to drive traffic to your website. The most important thing, however, is in the first place that the website looks professional and that the content is interesting. Otherwise, you run the risk that the readers who find your way to your website will find out again just as quickly.

In addition, you can, among other things, do the following:

  • Add good and relevant images to your website and your texts
  • Create social media users for your website, and turn up the activity here
  • Make video reviews of the products and publish the videos on YouTube
  • Add the option to sign up as a follower or as a newsletter recipient
  • Work on the website's SEO - or get help with it

Can You Make a Living from Affiliate Marketing?

YES! You can make a living from affiliate marketing. But it requires hard work, and like Rome, a good affiliate marketing business is not built in one day.

Most people who do affiliate marketing have it as an extra income. This is because it is relatively easy to earn a few thousand kroner a month, but it requires a significantly greater effort to increase earnings further.

Most affiliate marketing programs are screwed together so that you only make money when the customer either clicks on your link or - most often - makes an actual purchase. That is, your content must be so good that it can convert before it brings you any earnings.

That's why it's a good idea to start with topics you have an interest in or understanding of. In this way, you ensure that the texts become interesting and relevant to the reader, which increases the chance that the reader will feel like clicking on the inserted link.

Of course, you can also hire a copywriter for the actual text work. This is especially an advantage if you are not strong linguistically or grammatically yourself, or if you would like texts on topics you do not know about.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing works in such a way that you enter into an affiliate marketing agreement e.g. via an affiliate marketing program. It gives you access to hyperlinks soCm you can insert on your website or your social media.

What does affiliate marketing cost?

Affiliate marketing is basically free to use and you can freely and easily make money from it. However, it does require that you have a website or other channel and there may be certain expenses associated with that. If you create a blog via WordPress, however, it is nothing more than a few hundred kroner a year.

What do I Need to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

The easiest thing is to make a blog. In principle, it only requires a quickly set up website (e.g. in WordPress) hosting and a domain. And then it requires you to write some blog posts where you can insert relevant affiliate links.

Where Can I Use Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be used on all platforms where a hyperlink can be inserted. It is mostly used on websites but can also be used on various social media, YouTube, etc.

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