About Us

Me Hashim Pakara, a voracious reader and passionate writer who has been in the field of writing for 4 years with solid experiences and diverse capabilities. In addition, I am also working as a multilingual translator with a proven and strong background in content creation and translating from source language to targeted language.

Being a little bit experienced in creating well optimized website articles and blogs, I just wanted to help my fellow newbie writers  excel in the writing field. So I created this blog in order to share my knowledge and ideas in the writing field. 

Writing is an expression of our experiences or viewpoints. Every person loves to scribble down something they love or they are found of. But, Most of the people fail to write something in an incredible and fascinating style because, writing, sometimes needs a lots of vison and skill. To scribble down something may not make no sense or may turned ugly. Here come the significance of guidelines of the writing. 

Angels Insights is a platform which is basically designed for those who are passionate in writing and reading. This website is expected to provide all due information and guidelines for bloggers and content writers.

This website covers almost all types of writing, raging from Creative writing, Article writing, Cover letter writing, Copy writing, Freelance writing, and what not. In addition to writeups guidelines and tips, this website provide valid information on how to turn one's writing skill to money. 

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